WeSecretary has your back

Our post-sales service will make your life easy. If you purchase an item online through us and your package hasn't arrived in three days, we'll check up on it for free. And if it arrives defective and you need to return it we'll arrange that fee-free as well.

We do not guarantee services provided by third-party providers. In the event we make a purchase we happily guarantee all purchases for up to 300 RMB where we source the seller and item as long as we are notified promptly of problems and have your support going through the normal merchant dispute processes.

We also stand by you and protect you from predatory Chinese repair people under the condition that you follow these guidelines when dealing with independent third-party businesses:

Once you have paid in cash for a product or service we have no way to force a refund. Once a third-party service or company is involved, our support in case of problems is limited to helping you pursue legal action against them through normal channels. So please get in touch if anything ever seems wrong and we'll have your back. Our phone number is 15011018934.