How much does WeSecretary cost?
We charge a 10 percent fee for helping make product purchases, with a 25 RMB minimum fee per purchase.

For non-purchase requests we charge 25 RMB for short tasks which take 10 minutes or less to complete. Medium-length tasks that require 10-20 minutes of work are billed at 50 RMB, while all other tasks are charged at 120 RMB per hour.

If you have credit in our system, you can expect your request to be completed within 2 hours on average.

Representative Cost of Common Requests
simple calls 25 RMB to make a telephone call for you
address lookup 25 RMB to lookup address or contact information
courier 25 RMB to arrange a courier pickup
one-time ayi 25 RMB to arrange an appointment
laundry 25 RMB to arrange local pickup and cleaning
moving services 50 RMB to arrange a low-end moving van
home repair 50 RMB to arrange a repairman
long-term ayi 50 RMB to arrange a relationship
moving services 100 RMB to arrange a full-service and big moving truck