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Ask us anything you might ask a Personal Assistant
  • buy stuff on Taobao
  • setup your Alipay wallet
  • handle visa applications
  • top up my wechat wallet
  • buy 20kg of uncooked crawfish
  • airport pickup/drop-off
  • arrange a fumigator
  • on-the-spot translation
  • book an Ayi
  • arrange a fumigator
  • find factories / suppliers
  • ship your stuff to/from China
  • find an optometrist
  • sombreros for parties
  • hire acrobats
  • rent a car
  • ship my stuff to India
  • stop my toilet leaking
  • non-lethal dental services
  • hire a designer
  • home gardening
  • rent that helicopter
  • arrange a babysitter
  • price quotes for local services
  • transfer money anywhere
  • get your door unlocked
  • IKEA delivery on demand
  • find a good lawyer
  • market research
  • order lunch/dinner
  • massages at home
  • write business documents
  • buy flowers for him/her
  • rent microphones
  • background checks
  • price negotiations
  • get concert tickets
  • deal with landlords
  • phone translation support
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